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The Electoral Entrepreneur: Cashing In On The Election

Ask most Americans. Heck, ask most people on the planet about this year’s presidential election and you’re likely to hear how they can’t wait for November 9th – the day after the election. This day marks the first day of the rest of our lives in a post-Clinton/Trump world. Buh-bye email servers. So long bad orange tans. Hasta la vista tax returns. Hello return to normalcy – or at least the New Normal.

But not everyone is looking forward to an end of the circus entertainment. Some companies have been doing well as a result of the reality show called the United States Presidential Election. One such company is BOLDFACE (

BOLDFACE - Hillary Clinton 1 - Front x Side Views

“We’re going to be so bummed once the election is over. We’ve had some very creative customers design some of the funniest backpacks,” said BOLDFACE CEO Randy Fenton. “We laugh so hard when these designs come in. From Feel the Bern to Orange is Not the New Black themes. There’s no limit to the election humor displayed on our backpacks.”

BOLDFACE is the world’s only maker of on-demand customized backpacks with interchangeable printed “face” panels. The BOLDFACE widget allows consumers to upload any digital design and apply the design to a backpack. The backpack design process takes less than five minutes to complete. Once the image is uploaded, BOLDFACE produces and ships the one-of-a-kind backpack within 72 hours. An added bonus of owning a BOLDFACE backpack is that consumers can change the look of their backpack in seconds by swapping out the printed “face.”

Fenton laughs as he says, “A consumer can change parties but keep their backpack. All they need to do is create a new printed ‘face’ panel and swap it out with the old one. No one will ever know they  switched parties.”

BOLDFACE - Donald Trump 1 - Front x Side Views

“When we created the BOLDFACE customization widget we envisioned parents uploading photos of their kids and their pets. And we get tons of those,” said Fenton. “But the presidential election has brought us something equally rewarding – an amazing sense of humor expressed by so many fellow Americans amused by this year’s election. BOLDFACE is about self-expression. What better way to express yourself and your choice for the next Commander in Chief than on a backpack you wear daily to school, work or play.”

A sign of a good entrepreneur is one that takes advantage of opportunities that arise unexpectedly. I call this the opportunistic entrepreneur. Fenton and BOLDFACE have been opportunistic in taking advantage of this rare opportunity. The challenge for them is how to keep the momentum going once the election is over.

“Fortunately, we just signed a deal with Live Nation. So once we’re done with Hillary and Donald we’ll become the world’s largest producer of music-themed backpacks. Equally fun – in a different way,” said Fenton.

Is there an opportunity for you to take advantage of and propel your business? Look around. Chances are there is something out there for you! The challenge is to identify the opportunity and pounce!

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